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Call of Dutyhelp and info

  • Is this the full Call Of Duty game or some sort of extension?

    This is actually a Call of Duty patch. It is not an extension, nor is it the full game. It is called COD 1.5 patch, and it was created to help fix a few of the bugs/problems people were having with the multiplayer maps.

  • Why are people patching games like COD that have nothing wrong with them?

    Over time the many servers that managed Call of Duty multiplayer games were reassigned or disposed of, so patches such as this one helped redirect people to different servers. Patches also help to fix irritating things about games, and even help to enhance certain parts of a game. For example, this patch also gives you a free multiplayer map.

  • Are there full release notes for this patch and where are they?

    When you download the patch, the release notes should be with it. When the patch was created, the original developers put the release notes in with the package that you download.

  • How do I install this patch?

    Once you have installed your Call Of Duty game, you should be able to execute this exe. file and install the patch. Your computer will let you know if the patch caused a problem.

  • Do I need the full game in order to download and install this patch?

    Yes, you need the full Call of Duty game in order to install this patch. It will not install if you do not have the full game. After clicking on the exe. file there will be no further action taken. You may have a problem installing this app if you didn't pick the default location when you installed Call of Duty.

  • Has the patch gone out of date since 2014?

    There are numerous patches for the Call of Duty game. It is up to you to pick the patches that suit your needs. You should read up about each patch to see if it suits your needs and/or fixes whatever problems you are having with the game.

  • What is TigerTown?

    It is a multiplayer map that you get with this patch. The TigerTown map is not included with the original game, it is only available if you use patches such as this one.

  • Will it conflict with my more modern patches and mods?

    There is a chance that it may conflict with your other patches or mods. In some circumstances, your computer will tell you if you are trying to install an older version of a patch.

  • How do I reset if things go wrong?

    You have two choices. Create a restore point prior to installing the patch, and if you have a big problem, then you may use system restore to get back to where you were before you tried to install the patch. The other option is to uninstall the patch, any mods, any extensions, and the Call of Duty game itself, and then reinstall the game and any patches, mods or extensions that you feel are needed.

  • What sort of multiplayer fixes have been added?

    You will have to read the release notes in order to get a full idea of what has been changed and added. It is things such as making it more difficult for people to cheat, improved graphics handling, and a new map for the multiplayer games.

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